The Premiere Limousine Company
Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Service and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please use the "Contact Us".


What's Unique About This Service?

We are the only limo company in northeast Ohio, if not anywhere, dedicated to the use and preservation of classic touring automobiles.  With a very special interest in pre-World War II Cadillacs, look for our fleet to continuously grow.


What Should We Know?

Since our primary goal is preservation, the cars are not modified from their original grandeur of yesterday.  That means, a true vintage ride for the time car rolled out of the assembly line.  These were the days before power steering, automatic transmissions, and air conditioning.  Having mostly original interiors, we only allow bottled water in the car at any time. 


Do You Operate Year Round?

To protect these rare and unique automobiles, transportation is limited to weather friendly conditions which excludes use if any snow or salt is present on the road surface.  This typically equates to late April to mid November of any Calendar year.  If the weather turns on us, your money will be fully refunded.


How far will you travel with the Cars?

As stated before, the goal is preservation of these great, historic vehicles.  Therefore, we have changed our policy to have more cars transported by third party carrier to reduce the wear n the vehicles.  Therefore, any destination greater than 15 miles will require separate vehicle transportation to the event.  We have found this to be the most suitable solution for preservation.  Additionally, we prefer no interstate travel between any locations.  Destination travel charges are a minimum of $50 and $2 per mile.  Exact calculations are done prior to contract so that all fees are appropriately quoted. 


Do you rent cars for Static Sets or Movies

Yes!  We have the ability to support Movie production requests as well as renting of cars for static displays for special events.  Contact us today to learn more about these capabilities.